What we do

Our 3 practical outreach steps are helping to bring greater aspects of freedom into the lives of sex workers:

1. Immediate support

We build consistent, trustworthy and safe relationships with the women. We distribute vital provisions (health and hygiene, food, toiletries, clothing). We provide information, education and resources (health and hygiene, safer-sex, mother-care), and orientation to crisis interventions and further services.

2. Quality of life

We encourage women to explore any quality of life opportunities available to them (health, welfare, legal, social, educational). We source and help develop much-needed services to fill gaps.

3. Hope for the future

We encourage women to explore any restoration opportunities available to them (social integration, empowerment, training, employment), and source and create services to fill gaps.

We continually lobby for the greater provision and quality of services.

Examples of Services:

Representation & escort to advisors and government offices.
Replacement national identity cards & passports.

Access to preventive, general & emergency healthcare.
Safer-sex education; Health & hygiene education.
Healthcare documentation.
Hospital visits & payment of emergency medication.

Child welfare & mother-care.
Provision of food, toiletries, clothing & household items.

Education and training
Reading, writing, arithmetic, Spanish language.
Cooking, cleaning, beauty.

CV's, voluntary work.
Business enterprise.
Links with employment opportunities.