Thank you for providing freedom

Freedom can take many forms, and for many different reasons. Here are some examples:

£10/€10 ...

provides sufficient food to enable an individual to leave the streets and stay safe for the evening.

£30/€30 ...

provides vital seasonal protection such as hand warmers, umbrellas, sun screen and mosquito repellent.

£50/€50 ...

provides essential sexual health and hygiene provisions for one outreach.

£100/€100 ...

provides 10 survival packs of food, drink, toiletries and clothing.

£200/€200 ...

provides a life-changing restorative project for one individual.

How to Give

UK banking
Bank:                            Lloyds
Account number:      2262 1960
Sort code:                    30-96-23

Spanish banking
Bank:                            Sabadell CAM
Account name:           Freedom Libertad
Account number:      0001170425
IBAN:                            ES07-0081-1052-2700-0117-0425
BIC:                               BSABESBB / Swift: BSABESBBXXX

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