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Pre-loved, handmade and surplus

Your practical and loving gifts for the women have a powerful impact.  Here’s what you’re sending us, please don’t stop!

Weather protection (mosquito repellent, citronella & lavender oils, umbrellas, sun glasses, sun tan lotion).
Keeping warm (hand warmers, socks, gloves, hot water bottles, blankets).
Skin protection (lip balm, moisturisers).
Dental care (tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouth wash).
Birthday cards and gifts (for adults, children & babies).
Crafts (bags, cards, jewellery).
Bibles (easy-read English, Spanish, Romanian).
Healthcare & hygiene (pregnancy test kits, intimate products, soap, shampoo, underwear, depilatory products).
Beauty & home (make-up, hair, fragrant products, pillows).

Contact us for more ideas.

Financial gifts and sponsorships

Your monthly or single donations and sponsorships are making Freedom happen - from immediate support on the streets, to critical quality of life and hope for the future.   Please give.

To convert monthly giving into sponsorship of outreach activities or restoration projects please contact us.


Create your own fundraising campaign and share your photos in our Gallery!

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Spread the Word

You’re raising awareness by inviting friends and colleagues to freedom events such as dinner parties, tea parties and clothes-swaps.     You’re dedicating special celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries.   Please don’t stop!

Contact us for ideas, information and resources.

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We’re relying on your input and ideas and want to hear your points of view, so please contact us.