Reaching out to women in sex slavery

Our story & mission

There are more slaves in our world today than ever before. Tens of millions are trafficked, debt-bonded or forced into sexual labour in overwhelming circumstances.

We’re passionate about responding to Spain’s unique situation: a major trafficking country with the highest population in Europe buying sex daily. We’re meeting daughters who’ve been deceived and transported across the world into its sex trade; wives and grandmothers pimped by husbands; mums forced through poverty.

Aid, support and resources are severely lacking. But the problem isn’t overwhelming because we’re seeing how 3 steps are changing lives:

Immediate support   >   Quality of life   >   Hope for the future

See what we do and  become involved. 

Our name

The Spanish word for freedom is libertad. Our name symbolises the hope of women trapped in sex slavery in Spain, and the freedom-filled mission we accomplish together.

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